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Pricing enterprise projects with Jodie Riccelli

Jodie Riccelli of WebDevStudios talks to Keith about her role as business development manager and how to price WordPress enterprise projects

A conversation with Ross Wintle

Ross chats to Keith about his thoughts on value-based pricing, hourly billing and pricing for the charity sector.

Jonathan Stark on happier clients and higher profits through value based pricing (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my interview with Jonathan Stark on value based pricing. In part 2, we dig deeper into the methods of implementing VBP and also deal with some of the common objections and difficulties.

Jonathan Stark on happier clients and higher profits through value based pricing (Part 1)

Feeling trapped in your business? Do you find that projects go south by the end? It could be that hourly billing is the problem and value based pricing is the answer. This episode is part 1 of my interview with Jonathan Stark.

Pricing for premium WordPress themes with Ben Gillbanks

Ben Gillbanks (aka @binarymoon) from on how he prices his themes, how he got into theme development and how the marketplace has changed.


Are you a WordPress professional who struggles with the pricing of your products and services? Then this show is for you! On "Pricing WordPress" we'll be exploring the art and science of pricing. Digging into different pricing models and exploring their benefits and pitfalls. In this episode, I discuss why I've started the podcast, outline the plans for the show, cover the types of topics that we'll discuss, and more. It's a taster of what's to come.

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