A conversation with Ross Wintle

Ross chats to Keith about his thoughts on value-based pricing, hourly billing and pricing for the charity sector.

Ross runs Oikos, a web development and technology consultancy for charities, communities and small businesses, and he is an active member of the WordPress community. 

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ross at WordCamp London but most of our interaction has been online through Twitter, Slack and video calls.

I have a huge amount of respect for Ross. He’s not afraid to speak his mind on contentious topics but he always does so with empathy, compassion and respect for all sides of the argument.

I definitely aspire to be more like Ross in my online interactions!

This conversation came about off the back of my interview with Jonathan Stark on value-based pricing. Ross listened to the show and had some thoughts about it that we briefly discussed on Twitter. 

Luckily, he agreed to move the conversation to a call and for the call to be recorded.

He was a bit reluctant about the conversation being published, he explains why in the call, but I’m really glad that he did because I think that Ross shares important views on why value-pricing might not be for everyone, how to make hourly billing work for you and the challenges and nuances of pricing in the charity sector.  

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