Pricing enterprise projects with Jodie Riccelli

Jodie Riccelli of WebDevStudios talks to Keith about her role as business development manager and how to price WordPress enterprise projects

In this episode, I’m chatting with the effervescent, Jodie Riccelli.

Jodie is the business development manager of WebDevStudios a US-based WordPress development agency who specialise in enterprise-level projects.

This conversation was fascinating for me as it gives an insight into the big-budget, big-brand world that can seem a bit mysterious and intimidating from the outside.

Jodie has some great advice and insights into client management, the sales process, and, of course, pricing. I really appreciated her honesty and openness in discussing what some people might think of as the ‘secret sauce’. It’s also good to know that no-one has this all figured out!

We discuss:
  • The role of a business development manager
  • The length of enterprise sales cycles
  • Choosing the right contract type
  • Working with purchasing departments
  • Rate cards vs. blended rates
  • How to handle fixed-price projects
  • When to start discussing price
  • How to ask for the budget
  • And much more

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