Pricing for premium WordPress themes with Ben Gillbanks

Ben Gillbanks (aka @binarymoon) from on how he prices his themes, how he got into theme development and how the marketplace has changed.

In this episode, I talk to Ben Gillbanks (aka @binarymoon) from

We discuss how Ben got into premium theme development early on, how the marketplace has changed over time and how he has survived in a saturated market.

Ben prices his themes on the higher end of the spectrum and he explains why this has beneficial effects other than just revenue.

We also explore why someone might choose an 'off the shelf theme' over custom development and vice versa.

Guest: Ben Gillbanks

Ben is a theme designer and developer at You can find him on Twitter @binarymoon

Ben is also co-creator of the MasterWP newsletter, a weekly dose of WordPress news and inspiration.

Host: Keith Devon

Keith is a front-end WordPress developer and co-founder of Highrise Digital. He is a passionate WordPress community member and has spoken at WordPress meetups and WordCamps about WordPress development front-end technologies, SEO and more.

Keith is also the founder of the WordPress London (WPLDN) meetup group.

You can find Keith on Twitter @keithdevon

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